Handling students personal cleanliness


INTROUCTION: Students cleanliness is another social issue that should be handled. Their health depend is to a large extent on the way in which you look after yourself. If you form good habits at an early age, then you are likely to live a happy and healthy life. But on the other hand, you form bad habits, they are difficult to correct later and may lead to bad health.

Some children inherit certain diseases from their parents, although this is becoming more and more rare as doctor correct these anomalies during anti-natal care.  Another factor is maintain good health, is the environment. If you live in a dirty surrounding, you become ill.


CLEANLINESS OF YOUR HAIR: We must keep our hair clean to stop parasites such as lice living in it. A parasite is an animal or plant that lives on another organism and gets its nourishment from it without giving anything in return. Your hair should be washed and combed everyday to avoid lice and flies living on you. If your hair is plaited or braided, it should be brushed everyday and washed once in a week.

CLEANLINESS OF YOUR SKIN: Your skin is the covering of the body and therefore deserves your attention. Your skin secretes sweat. Sweat is sticky and can cause unpleasant smell. The skin can provide a breeding ground for parasites such as scabies, mites and micro-organisms such as ring worm e.t.c. To avoid this, you should wash your body using soap once or twice in a day. Bathing with soap also clears the small opening in the skin called pores through which sweat is excreted from the body.

CLEANLINESS OF YOUR TEETH: The teeth should be cleaned every morning after breakfast and at night before going to bed. Cleaning the teeth removes food particles between them after meals. These food particles can decay and encourage the growth of harmful micro-organisms. There are two main methods of cleaning the teeth.

  1. With chewing stick
  2. With tooth paste and a brush.

The outer and inner surfaces of the teeth should be brushed in more than one direction, followed by rinsing the mouth. Mouth rinsing alone is good enough to remove food particles.

Others include the cleanliness of hands and nails, cleanliness of your clothes and every other right thing that a student should observe. When you are ill and feel miserable, it can be said that you have a low level of health. When you recovered but do not feel very strong and cheerful, you have average health. When you have fully recovered and can o your work well if this is the highest level your body and mind can ever reach, you are said to be in optional health.

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