Drug abuse


Drug abuse is another issue that has been the order of the day among Nigerian students. It has been like a thing to boast with when every students brag about being used or addicted to drugs which is not normal.

A drug is a chemical substance which affects the action or chemistry of the body. It can make you well, if you take that drug according to the doctor’s instruction.

Since drugs alter the action of the body, they can be very dangerous if taken without the guidance of the doctor. You must not take drugs that doctors or pharmacists have not prescribed for you.


Drugs are obtained from pharmaceutical stores prescribed by the doctor. There are some substances that change the action of the body obtained from open market which are really drugs but which many people do not think are drugs. Some of them make you sleep, some can make you excited, and some can keep you awake while others can take away pains. Examples are

Whisky (alcohol)

Gin (alcohol)

Beer (alcohol)

Table wine (alcohol)

Palm wine (alcohol)

Akpeshi (ogogolo)





Cocaine and caffin.

and other pain killers. Alcohol affects the body by first making the body excited, then making you feel depressed. The other substances mentioned above except the pain killers affect the body by causing excitement and preventing sleep.

When drugs are taken without the doctor’s advice and directives, it is called drug abuse. Sometimes people take certain drugs repeatedly in other to obtain an effect that they enjoy. So they may form the habit of taking drugs. The drugs which students develop an urge to take is called habit-forming drugs. The effect of the drugs may be temporary or it may last for a long time depending on the amount taken but when the effect wears off, the condition for which the drug was taken may come back, this makes the person take more of the drug and so it goes on.


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