The use of phones should be banned in secondary schools

Is there any parent who is ignorant of the fact that the use of mobile phones is a major source of distraction to students? How many students will use mobile phones wisely if allowed to use them in schools? The above are basic questions with obvious answers. The use of mobile phones by students in schools should be banned. Below are my reasons.
Firstly, the fact that mobile phones are very important for communication purposes is not enough reason to allow students to use them in schools. everyone knows that children are fond of mobile phones and are always seen using them to communicate with their friends .many do not even use them to communicate often with their parents. They spend useful time for studies and homework chatting with friends. This results in a drop or failure in their academic career. Is it not every parents wish that the child acquires education, which is the main purpose of sending the child to school?
Secondly, the use of mobile phones by students leads to stealing among students. Many students whose parents cannot afford to buy mobile phones may resort to stealing from those who could acquire one. We cannot cheat the power of nature, it is most likely that they may even plot evil plans to the detriment of the owner of the phone in other to take the said mobile device.
Thirdly, the history of mobile phones in secondary school can be traced back to the beginning of WAEC examinations. Students bring or smuggle mobile phones into the school environment in other to cheat during examinations. They can either subscribe to expo sites online or with the help of their friends or relatio0ns, be able to communicate for answers inside the examination hall. These not only result to examination malpractice, but it degrades the educational standard of this country and makes our future generation less confident of their selves.
In conclusion, an angel or a professor doesn’t need to tell us or tell the world that the use of mobile phones by students should be banned because all man was born with the ability to know the difference between the good and the bad. We should discourage the use of mobile phones in secondary schools and restore the former educational glory of Nigeria to its peak. Live right, stand against abnormalities and be free.

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