Features of prose

In this unit, you learn more about prose and its features of plot, characterization, style, setting, theme, e.t.c.

THEME: This means the main idea or subject in a piece of writing. It is the central idea, the major message discussed in a work of art. It is the writer’s main preoccupation. For example, the theme of the story, Virtuous woman by Zainab Alkali is evident in its title.

SETTING: This refers to the general environment of a story, that is, the period and the place of the story. For example, the setting of the story Nwakeze y Lizzy Unamba is Asaa in Igboland, a rural environment.

PLOT: Plot refers to the way the events are being arranged or organized. There are stories that have simple and straightforward plots and those that have complex of difficult plots. Most of the stories for children have simple and straightforward plots. Example of these are king solomons’s mines by Sir H. Rider Haggard; Nwakeze an other stories by Lizzy Unamba E.t.c

CHARACTERISATION: This refers to the way the writer of the story or play makes the people in the story seem like real persons. The writer reveals the peculiar qualities of the characters through narration, dialogue or description. The main character of the most important character in the story or play is called the protagonist. The antagonist is the character that is opposed to the protagonist. The main character in the story Oliver twist by Charles Dickens is Oliver Twist.

STYLE: This refers to the writer’s typical way of writing a piece of work. The style the writer might choose to present his of her ideas is what counts. The style can define the reader or the audience impression during a work of art or presentation of a drama. If the writer is a clown, literally, his work will be more of comedy. If the writer is a revolutionalist, his work will be more of revolution.

Moreover, prose can appear in many forms, it only depends on the choice of the writer to impress the readers. It can be fictional or Non-fictional. By being fictional, I mean that it might be untrue and can just be a product of the writer’s imagination but being non-fictional, I mean that the story or the prose can be a true life story which means that it is not a product of the writer’s imagination.

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