An essential reading skill is the ability to keep something that you have read in your memory (retention) and remember something that you have read or learned (recall). To do these two things in the best possible (maximum) way, some strategies are needed. A powerful reading technique you can use is the SQ3R which stands for five sequential techniques that can be used to engage in the intensive reading of a passage or book. It allows a reader to extract the maximum amount of any benefit from a reading exercise. SQ3R is a five-stage active reading technique meaning:
And review

To survey a book, scan (read through quickly) the contents, introduction, chapter introductions an chapter summaries. This act will let you get an overview (short description) of what the book is all about. You can also form your own opinion about the subject.

Ask questions on the passage or book and make a note on them. Write down any question that comes to mind as you survey a book or passage. Finding answers to these questions may help you better understand the book.

Read the book or passage in details taking care to understand the issues or points raised. This reading shouldn’t be too fast. While reading you can take notes of vital facts.

After reading, run through the details or sections in your mind several times. Separate the relevant from the irrelevant.

You can do review of a book or passage by
Reading the document again
Expanding your notes
Discussing the materials with your classmates.
Teaching it to someone else

CONCLUSION: These steps are relevant for reading for maximum retention and recall and when followed carefully, will bring serious breakthrough in your academic excellence. Keep checking our website for more tips.

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