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  Technology is the need of the day. The technological advancements have made society take a leap towards success. Every technological reform is a small step towards advancement. Every invention in technology is a step towards the progress of mankind. Centuries ago, hardly anyone would have even dreaming of working on a computer. Generations of the past would hardly imagined being able to communicate with people on the other side of the globe. But there were intelligent minds that are to dream of such revolutionary discoveries and they made the ‘impossible’ possible. Ours as well as our future generations is lucky to be able to witness these technological reforms. We are fortunate enough to lead a life of luxury and comfort. Since ours is the time of technology, why not let the technological reform spread wide and far? Why not make masses aware of the new technology? Why not equip the entire society with the knowledge of new inventions in technology? The nee to introduce technology at an early age in life illustrates the importance of technology in schools.

As technology is bound to rule our present and our future, it’s good we obtain knowledge of how technological reforms at the earliest. Children learn faster and can adapt to changes relatively easily. If they are trained during their school years, they have high chances of becoming experts in technology. An early is always beneficial in the long run. When we know technology is bound to be part of their future, it’s best to introduce them to it during their school days. Instead of seeing them struggling to learn it later in their life, it’s advisable to give them the basic idea of technological reforms.

Studies have shown that children conversant with technology show improvement in their writing, reading and math skills. Technology has also contributed to decrease in dropout rates, improvement in student attendance and enhancement in their learning abilities.

Technology in school benefits the children during their higher education. it lays a strong foundation for the successful professional life of an individual.

Computer can offer livelier explanations of various subjects. The internet is an ocean of information, which can be harnessed for the rendition of information in schools. The inclusion of technology in the process of learning is an enjoyable activity, thus inviting greater interest from the kids. The knowledge from all around the world can be better brought about for the children and can be better assimilated by them.

The administrative processes-the official procedures of schools can be simplified by means of technology. School records, the information about all the students and the teachers and also other school other school employees, can efficiently be maintained by means of the advanced technology. The data pertaining of the school employees and students can effectively be stored in a school database. The school could have a library system, which by the utilization of technology can be maintained in an efficient manner. In a similar ways, the attendance record of students and teachers can be maintained by the means of a student database. Moreover, the school can host a website of its own holing information about the school. The introduction of technology in school can thus result in decrease use of paper and in bringing most of the school office work into e-format.

Thus, we see that technology not only benefits the school but also eases office work. It makes possible a more effective way for the storage and distribution of information. The realization of the importance of technology in school and its successful implementation are necessity. The introduction of technology in school is the means to bridge the seemingly long distance between the present and the future

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