Can Nigeria in its present form be saved from onrushing perdition?

   In rapid industrializing Europe and its consequent urbanization, the city became an object of terror and trembling.  See Naples and die! With their torture and sensitive souls, poets and writers are often most affected by the sadism of the society as experienced in the city. When they got tire of London and its urban delinquencies, the romantic poets place a curse on the city asking everybody to return to the country side an to nature. In an extreme case of cruelty and metro phobia, the conquering Khmer Rouge of Cambodia ordered all the city dwellers to start trekking. About one-third of the populace perished from sheer exhaustion.

And so the penultimate Saturday as the nation roiled in distemper, Snooper obeyed the call of nature and headed for the mysterious interior. But first to the beautiful and becalming Alubosa Lake District of suburban Ibadan and swanky residence of Professor Deji Ojo, formerly of the department of Economics at the then University of Ife and most recently retired from the old railway line from Abeokuta, there was something enchanting and idyllic about this agrarian paradise. One could smell fresh and foaming palm wine and freshly dug heaps from the adjoining farmlands

The eminent professor locate crisis of the Nigerian state as a crisis of knowledge. In a knowledge-driven society; it is criminal to waste intellectual resources and fritter away dwindling cultural capital as Nigeria does, Ojo observed with a sad, faraway look. But it has not always been like this, my host lamented. In the sixties and seventies and up to the mi eighties, Nigeria experienced a brief intellectual renaissance.

Can Nigeria in its present form be saved from onrushing perdition? ‘Yes’, the professor replied with grim smile and with a cautious optimism. ‘But it will take a serious revolution’.

And then he added the clincher. ‘By revolution, I don’t mean a violent revolution in which people are needlessly wasted. Those ones are usually deep and thoroughgoing enough. I mean a philosophic revolution in which people with the requisite knowledge who have thought through the problem will sit down and decide where they must be ready to lose their life in the progress.

in conclusion, the answer is yes but will take time and hard work from a truth worthy regime.

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